Lollipop PR services

Media relations        

We deliver news, views and opportunities to create maximum coverage in print, broadcast and online.


With a highly flexible writing style and an eye for detail, we can save you many an unhappy hour battling writer’s block, from blog and web content to award entries and internal communications.

Celebrity management and profile building

Highly sensitive, highly rewarding and sometimes highly entertaining, we’ve worked with a wide range of names from the worlds of business, politics, music and TV including Nelson Mandela, George Foreman and Germaine Greer.

Crisis management

Nobody wants or expects a crisis but if you are faced with one, the speed and tone of your reaction will make all the difference. We can help you with crisis planning, media training for your key people and with managing communications if the unexpected happens.

Integrated marketing solutions

Our tried, tested and trusted network of marketing, design and communications partners can deliver a complete range of marketing solutions.  So whether you need a new logo, an updated website, a full marketing strategy or a viral campaign, we know a man or a woman who can.

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash